Why Choose Us

There are several key reasons why our clients make their choice in favor of ICT Solutions Ltd.:

Customer-Oriented Approach

O ur ultimate goal is to add value to your business. We match our processes to fit your preferences, so you feel comfortable and secure outsourcing work to an offshore team. Our project managers and developers act as extensions of your existing organization instead of outsiders to seamlessly blend into your processes while bringing tangible cost savings. Moreover, we focus on long term partnerships with our clients. This allows accumulating exclusive knowledge of the client’s business which helps deliver the highest quality services with lower investments

Stable Qualified Teams

ICT Solutions Ltd. is a famous employer on the local labor market offering not only good compensations, but also a democratic corporate culture and interesting projects. Thanks to HR top-grading, corporate training centers, collaboration with the top technical universities, and a compelling benefits package, we're able to nurture, attract and retain the best IT talent. Our team consists of 60+ professionals that each has from 3 to 25 years of experience in real software development projects. We have a very low personnel turnover rate that allows us to prevent information leakage, keep the teams stable and teamwork effective.

Convenient Locations

We have our global headquarters in the Dhaka, as well as representative offices in Uttara, and development centers in Bonoshree Residencial area, Rampura. Because of our convenient location, we can easily send people to work with your in-house teams on site. This accelerates your project and enhances cooperation.

Comprehensive Solution

We cover the full software development life cycle from business analysis to quality assurance and deployment and post-launch maintenance. For a client, this means there is one vendor handling the job. This prevents any hand waving or finger pointing, and makes your budget and timeline more predictable. We take full responsibility over the process and give you confidence in the result.

Qualified Expertise:

More than ten years of scientific research in the high-tech field is creating a world-leading system of technical education and training, focused on Russia's civil and military software application development needs. As a result, the country's scientific and academic infrastructure still produces top quality engineering specialists. Our software engineers frequently win worldwide software competitions, demonstrating qualification and experience levels higher than any competitor country.
B eing a customer-oriented company, we do our best to make our processes as clear and transparent for you as possible. We adhere to the best industry practices and always commit to deliver a predictable high quality result that you expect from your vendor.

We have been accumulating best practices, expanding and polishing our technology knowledge and understanding of business processes. Launched separately, our major service lines gradually evolved into a complex systems integration offering, which brings concentrated expertise and synergistic benefits.

We place major focus on delivering secure, reliable solutions of long-term value that enable our customers to concentrate on their core business objectives.

Development Process

We usually suggest splitting the development process into several iterations (stages). Our most common iterative approach includes

Initial requirements gathering
Planning and project details specification
Prototype creation
Submission of demo versions to your approval
Comprehensive product testing
Final version delivery
Solution implementation, stabilization and user training

Established Development Methodology

Thanks to intensive growth and close collaboration with such technology giants as Microsoft, SAP as well as the leading open source companies, we’ve managed to polish up our best software development and process optimization methodologies. Today we exploit the most effective software development and project management methodologies:

IBM Rational Unified Process
Agile (Scrum, FDD, XP)

Depending on project objectives, complexity level and customer specific requirements we select the most suitable methods to deliver faster, cheaper and better results, and provide a sound development process with full control over each development stage.


ICT Solution’s project management policy is aimed to provide maximum transparency to the key project activities and commitments, budgeting, workload planning, and metrics used in the process. We elaborate and communicate a detailed activity plan to every person involved in the project, which will

define major and minor stages of the process,
show objectives and deliverable at the end of each stage,
reflect which processes, methods, techniques and methodologies are to be used,
display human resources, qualifications that are required,
assign roles and responsibilities for each team member.

Our Customers receive comprehensive reports that allow evaluating the progress made, and where required, promptly optimizing processes and resources.

Quality Management System

We realize the paramount importance of quality assurance processes. That’s why we engage our independent QA team in product development very early - right after the initial project requirements have been studied. Quality Management System ensures full compliance of our software solutions with international quality standards and enables our partners from all over the world to entrust their software development initiatives to Itransition and continually benefit from reliable and secure software.

Flexible Engagement Models

Depending on project-specific characteristics, Our models are very flexible: as your project objectives change, you can easily switch to another model of cooperation, or choose a hybrid model by combining features of all engagement models, which match your needs best. Contact us for more details
S ince 2004, ICT Solutions Limited has been a software development innovator providing full-cycle high quality services to its customers in over 3 countries worldwide. ICT Solutions Limited is expert in development, customization and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions offering a well-balanced blend of technology skills, domain knowledge, hands-on experience, effective methodology, and passion for IT.

Quick Facts:

Cost-efficiency attained through a flexible delivery model
Mature methodologies and transparent project management
Independently recognized among the world’s best software development and IT outsourcing companies with competencies in E-Business, Media & Entertainment, Software & Technology, Telecom domains and R&D Services.

Engagement models:

Flexible Price
Dedicated Team

Service Offering:

Technology Consulting
Custom Software Development
Enterprise Application Integration
Software Prototyping
Software Product Development
Independent Software Testing & QA
Application Maintenance and Support
Virtualization Management

ISL's Focus

We aim at delivering services which open new possibilities for our customers and allow them to work effectively and creatively.

General Strengths

Company vision, culture and skills fit well for outsourcing in the target markets
Excellent multilanguage skills of employees (both technical and administration staff)
Deep understanding of corporate identity and philosophy
High transparency and maturity of management and production processes

Company Value and Strategy

Clear focus on software development services
Philosophy of long-term partnership with customers
Effective HR processes and career development programs (encouraging and oriented on performance)
Cooperation with top national technical universities in staff training and education.

Project Life Cycle Activities

Well established requirements management
All-round control of development process
Mature QA approach

Ongoing Activities

Well defined process to perform the customer relationship (RFX)
Clear responsibilities across organization
Independent Software Testing & QAGood established model for career path with early responsibilities



Throughout years of growth, owing to investments into training, scrupulous selection procedures, competitive benefits and appealing career possibilities, we managed to assemble a mosaic of motivated, loyal and highly skilled IT professionals. The effective work of Itransition resides on collaboration and teamwork between all its members, each one perfectly doing his own job.


ISL is dedicated to its customers and partners. We believe that the most important factor of our success is the success of our clients and provide them with tools that help their business growth.

ISL, both in idea and realization, is a client-oriented company. By supplying our customers with top resources and skills, we fulfill our main goal - add value to their businesses through knowledgeable application of information technologies. Because we work closely with and for our customers, we are successful only when our clients succeed.


We pay special attention to the quality assurance of the products and services we deliver. We believe that this is the best way to make products work as effectively as possible. Our clients can rely on our products working stably and as designed because we put an emphasis on quality assurance as a key factor in project success.


Some of our clients.