Health Care

Pathological Management System

patient-informationAn Integrated Pathological Systems, Pathological Reports, Invoicing, Accounting  Inventory all in a single software package. Our software offers a large variety of reports that have been designed by expert pathologists to give you the information as you want the way you want it.


  • Patient Information: Here all the information regarding a patient has been captured. These particulars can serve doctor’s requirements for perfect digenesis. Information captured-
  1.  Patient ID
  2. Patient name,
  3. Sex
  4. Age
  5. Address, Phone etc.
  • Diagnosis Information Entry: Advance user can easily enter a new diagnosis with related price, VAT and others taxation.
  1. Classification of diagnosis: Advance user can easily enter classification of diagnosis when required. Most of the useful classification of diagnosis is already in the system. As for example Bio-Chemistry, Clinical Pathology, Histopathology, Microbiology, Immunology etc. are already in system.
  2. Counter Wise  diagnosis list access rights: Advance user can define counter wise diagnosis list access right so that specialized counter can see only its related diagnosis. Others irrelevant diagnosis will be hidden from that counter.
  • Diagnosis entry:
  1. Test entry- End user can easily find and enter required test by using few key stoke. Automatic filtering system helps to find name of specific test very easily.
  2. Cost and Sale price- As per predefined cost of test and sales price system automatically picks the right revenues related information during test entry.
  3. Automatic invoicing- At the time of diagnosis after test selection system automatically create invoice and payment related information. VAT, Discount and related taxation information also considered during invoice creation. Invoice printing option is also available.
  4. Discount Type -During invoicing software can provide facility to provide discount. Later category wise discount can be used for analytical purpose.

Diagnosis finding

  1. Diagnosis Finding Entry – pathologist can easily find out registered diagnosis using Patient info or register serial no. Then all the advised diagnoses will be automatically shown in the window. Pathologist can enter findings very easily to prepare report.
    • Remove Duplication Work: Most of the frequently used findings of diagnosis will be shown automatically. This can help a pathologist to be relived from duplication of work.
    • Automatic selection of Signatory:  Signatory for the report will be automatically selected depending on login user info.
  2. Test wise reference rang-To assist pathologist/ doctor normal value range of diagnosis findings are available in software. Depending on preference it can be printed in the report
  3. Test wise Automatic space allocation to same page space-The systems can automatically accommodate related diagnoses info in the same page to save space in report.
  4. Doctors Reference Related Info: Referred doctor information can be captured by the systems. All  the others related information for the referred doctor will be recorded automatically so that it can be used end of the months or weeks.
  5. Corporate Client Management :  Information related to corporate client can be captured by the systems. Agreement information, discount and others facilities can be automatically managed using this software.
  6. Multi-Counter- This software support Multi-counter and Multi-user  facilities. Using multi-counter facility more than one counter can be engaged in enter diagnosis. Multi- User facility provides facility to work more than one operator under same counter.
    • Collection : System can automatically track counter and user wise collection. So that one operator can get information related to his depositable amount at end of the day.
  7. Are computing  Diagnosis Report  etc.


patient-information-reportsReport is a very important tools both for operational guys and management. Operational peoples need this to monitor daily activities and management for decision making and to know status of the organization. Accounts peoples also need this to know revenues related info. Our pathological solution can provide effectively all types of reports. We have designed reports considering all types of managements needs. It can also provide all the required info for accountants.

  • Diagnosis Report- Report generation with many customizable option for report display such as  Patient directories with alphabetized listing names, phone number and address, Patient emergency contact records printed
  • Daily Revenue from Diagnosis-
    • Group wise- This is the breakdown of test wise revenue on the basis of test group or classification of diagnosis.
    • By any Date range- Using date range revenues from pathological department can be divided by any time period. As for example daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Doctors Reference related information- Software atomically can be describe which doctor suggest the patient and which test will be provide